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Healed from a tumor in Bulgaria

Jesus is the God of miracles even today!!!!
Bulgaria is the door to the Muslim world. with a small group from the BULGARIA REVIVAL CENTER, we were led by the spirit to go to neighboring Turkey, visiting our friends in Tekirdakh. the church there consists of 6 people, the Bible also tells us about such a small flock. I asked the local leader to show us to the ghetto where he lived. Of course, our goal was evangelism on the street. we went out, explored the area and prayed. we expected great things to happen. we started evangelizing and many people were hostile towards us....they didn't want to listen to us, they threatened us, but we didn't stop, we were just waiting. while we were talking, a young girl of 19 came, who already had a third child of 2 years. we talked about Christ's mercy and love and about the miracles he still works. the same girl said she had a breast tumor and it was large. we asked if we could pray for her and she agreed. during the prayer, she all sweated, began to cough and shake. a few minutes after that, we asked her to check the tumor to see if it was there. the woman began to feel the place and cried out in a shocking voice, I AM HEALED, THE TUMOR IS GONE, - at that very moment she began to thank God and gave her life to Jesus. after 1 hour, the same momipe returned with an old woman who turned out to be her mother. a woman kissed our hands in gratitude. then we said that Jesus did everything and everything is for him. we also shared the gospel with her and she saved her soul by inviting Jesus as her savior. every soul deserves to receive salvation and inherit eternity. we thank you, Lord Jesus, that you act and do not pass us by unnoticed.
- Pastor Ivan I.