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Praise God brother, 
It is a middle of night over here. At around 2 am, my neighbors knocked the gate and they took me to their home. Their young daughter named Suman was possessed by a powerful demon. She was laying on the couch and when I entered there demon was speaking in a different language and it was like a old-aged man voice. The girl was lifted high up in the air from that couch around 3 feet an nobody was holding her at all. And that demon was not letting her go for 20 minutes. I prayed over her and the demon was stubborn. I started to read some scriptures from Revelations 4 - 6. And then I prayed again, ministered the water and forced her to drink it. Then she was faint and her face was getting it's color back. 
Then I asked her name and she was unable to speak. I prayed to God to give back the spirit of Suman and take that filthy demon out of her body. And suddenly she came back to consciousness and I asked her what was her name she called her name. And then I asked her about the names of her family. She could identify each and every member.
Praise the Lord what a powerful miracle in the middle of night. The family was extending their gratitude and I said offer all thanks and glory to God, I am just His servant.