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Trotz Verfolgung - Zahlreiche Entscheidungen für Jesus, Taufen, Zeichen und Wunder

Dies ist ein Bericht einer unserer Tochtergemeinden in Südasien, vom Mai 2024.

May 5th
Praise the Lord dear brother, 
So blessed in these days to work in the mission field. We are right now in Vehari almost 4:30 hours away from Faisalabad. We are having superb outreaches. In the mornings we are distributing food packages among the people and in the evening we are holding crusades in those areas. Majority of the people are Muslims over here and there are just a few Christians. We faced so many challenges but still God is able to make His ways and the for His servants.
Yesterday a lot of crazy miracles happened. 1 Muslim lady was possessed by a legion of strong demons, it was not letting her free for a long time. Nothing can withstand the power of Holy Spirit. Hallelujah 🔥 She was finally released and gave praises to the Lord. Tomorrow she will be baptized.
There was 1 woman who had throat tumor and when we prayed I was curiously watching the swelling around the tumor and it started to squeeze and shrink that the wrinkles of the skin were getting revealed. 
5 people with 1 leg shorter, it was so crazy to see that the shorter leg started to grow until it gets into a normal leg leg size. Hallelujah 🔥 
A lot of people recieved their miracles.
All because of the Power of Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen

May 13th
6 crusades in far and remote places of Pakistan. Many salvations, healings, especially cancer, people with one shorter leg were seen their legs were growing back equal to the normal one, tuberculosis, lungs diseases, many demon possessed were healed also by the power of Holy Spirit.
5 days of food packages distribution among poor, widows, needy and underprivileged families around 200 till now.
From day one I have been threatened by the people I don't even know and they say that since you're are ministering mostly in Muslims (which is really risky and dangerous) so a president of the media houses is claiming that they have got a proof. So, they are blackmailing.

May 16th
Praise the Lord brother,
Thank you so much for your love and prayers.
We are all fine. I am still receiving so many threats and warnings,  twice we had to change the venue of a crusade because there was a warning of mob lynching on our crusade. God is in control and He is still sitting on the throne. Nothing can withstand the power of Holy Spirit. Hallelujah 🔥
By far we haven't done a single day off, everyday we are either preaching or distributin the food packages among poor people. The missionaries are very happy and grateful to God. We have experienced strong anointing and presence of Holy Spirit in all of our events till now. Miracles, signs and wonders are happening, hundreds of decisions for Jesus and many new churches have been planted. I have a lot to tell you. Though I am facing many obstacles and problems but the joy of the Lord has blessed me with peace and wisdom to control the situations. We are so happy and not afraid at all.